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Lisa C Sellars, LMT PP

Services and Rates

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Integrated Therapeutic Massage     More than the basic Swedish/American Massage.   This massage incorporates many styles of massage for a uniquely relaxing and healing massage.

  • 90 minute session                                                              $110.00

Back Only Massage    Thirty minutes of focused attention on the core back and shoulder muscle groups.  This massage primarily incorporates myofascial technique, acu-pressure and deep tissue strokes ending with a balancing touch.

  • 30 minute session                                                               $45.00

Energy Infused Massage     This session allows time for both the healing touch of energy bodywork with the added benefit of a therapeutic full body massage.                               

  • 90 minute session                                                                $110.00

Cranial-Sacral Therapy Session  ...encourages the body's natural healing function via the central nervous system.   Helpful for those with chronic headaches and migraines, chronic neck and back pain, brain and spinal cord injuries, Fibromyalgia, Vertigo, Eye Twitching, Tinnitus (ringing in the ears), post-tramatic stress and TMJ.  Sessions are done with the client fully clothed.  (Please wear clothing with a natural fiber blend - i.e. cotton.  Please avoid wearing perfume or hair products.) 

* Session may include a custom blend of essential oils to enhance the session.

  • 45 minute session                                                               $65.00
    • ADD $45.00  to include a 30 minute Back Only Massage
    • ADD $35.00  to include a 30 minute Reflexology/Foot Session


Polarity Therapy - Vibrational Energy Work ... an intuitively-holistic approach that works with the body's wisdom to promote self-healing by bringing the body, mind and spirit into a relaxed state of peaceful balance.  Based on ancient Ayuvedic medicine concepts these sessions incorporate the skillful trained touch of Cranial-Sacral and Polarity Therapies, Pranic Healing and Shiatsu acupressure point work. These sessions are ideal for those with autoimmune conditions (i.e. Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue), anxiety and stress as well as those who seek to gain greater clarity and insight.    Sessions are done with the client fully clothed.  (Please wear clothing with a natural fiber blend - i.e. cotton.  Please avoid wearing perfume or hair products.) 

  • 75 minute balancing session                                               $90.00
    • ADD - $35.00 to include Reflexology
    • ADD - $35.00 to include Chakra Balance                                                 

* Session may include a custom blend of essential oils to enhance the session.

Chakra Balance   The chakra system is balanced using ancient Solfeggio sound vibration of tuning forks with coordinating color imaging, crystals and gem stones. $45.00


Red Ruby Reflexology Foot Session         ...relieves stress, improves circulation and assist the body with detoxing.    The session involves application of trained pressure to the reflex points and zones to relieve areas of congestion.  Massage relieves tension, improves circulation and helps to promote the natural function of the body.  Special aroma-enriched lotions and oils add to the enjoyment and benefit of this session.   Extremely relaxing!!     (Not advised for those with diabetes or taking heavy medication)                  

  • 45 minute session                                                                $55.00
  • Include Cranial/Scalp (Champissage) massage                 $70.00
    • ADD - $25.00 to include aromatic sea salt foot scrub and hot towels


The Sparkling Jewel    Many claim that this is their most favorite combinations of techniques for de-stressing and releasing tension!   This blissful session of relaxation includes a combination of techniques that includes  Cranial-Sacral, Ayurvedic Champi Cranial/Scalp massage, plus in this gem of a session you'll experience a focused back massage as well as Reflexology with foot/lower leg massage using an aroma-therapeutic enriching lotion.

  • 75 minute session                                                                $99.00
    • ADD - $25.00 to include aromatic sea salt foot scrub and hot towels





 On-site Chair Massage available for special functions.


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Always inform the Therapist of any health problems or medications you are taking.  If you are under a Doctor's care, it is strongly advised that you receive a written recommendation for Massage or Bodywork.


Cancellation Policy:  Because services are by appointment only and the time scheduled is honored exclusively for you, if you must reschedule or cancel an appointment a minimum of 24 hour notice is required.   No shows or last minute cancellations are subject to full or partial charge.   Future appointments may require  credit card deposit.  Vouchers/Gift Certificates will be voided.







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